Kutoa 2021 Holiday Experience
Kutoa is our holiday blend coffee made with two Guatamalan coffees.

Kutoa 2021 Holiday Experience

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Our delicious 2021 holiday blend of multiple Guatemalan coffees will delight you with its almond, caramel, and molasses. But this year, it's more of an experience than ever before...

The greatest gift of all time is to be able to provide for your family. This holiday season we are donating part of the proceeds from the sales of our Holiday Blend to The Hope Venture's Goat Project! The Hope Venture is a non-profit in Nebraska, bringing hope and dignity to some of the most disadvantaged people in the world. Their goat project provides goats to families in Kenya living in extreme poverty. Kutoa means 'provide' in Swahili and we are thrilled to bring you this opportunity to do just that in Kenya. Help us hit our goals and have some fun along the way!

Every 100lb we roast of our Kutoa blend, we'll complete a ridiculously fun challenge to keep the momentum and excitement going. If you'd like to contribute and boost us closer to our next challenge, click here and every $45 donated (the cost of one goat in Kenya) will equal 5lb of coffee.

100 lb: Espresso Shots

We'll all take a shot of espresso for each day it took to get to 100lb

200 lb: Tote Ma Goat

We'll tote a goat all the way around the square...one way or another.

300 lb: Clothes Switch

We'll switch clothes with a coworker (Chloe/Roaster Josh, Victoria/Barista Josh)

400 lb: Kids Serve

The Holmquist kids work the bar for the morning.

500 lb: Kiss a Goat

That’s right, we’ll bring a goat in the shop and, yep, kiss a goat!

600 lb: Costume Day

We'll wear inflatable costumes to work

700 lb: Free cocoa all day

Come on in for free cocoa all day after we hit this milestone!

800 lb: You Pick!!

We’ll put out a survey on Instagram and let you pick what you want us to do!

900 lb: Instagram Reels dance

Imagine Josh doing a dance? You’ll see it when we hit this goal!

1000 lb: Jump in Calamus

A December swim? Help us reach this goal and we’ll do something crazy!