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Normal Select - The Colombia Experience

Normal Select - The Colombia Experience

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Sip your way through Colombia with 30oz of delicious, specially selected coffee we're excited to present together in a new venture we're calling Normal Select. These three 10oz bags feature unique coffees that are fun to taste and compare, taking notes of their differences and similarities and appreciating what is special about each one.

Here's an excerpt from Josh Uden's Notes from the Roaster about this special offering: 

"Our first edition is a box full of our Colombian coffees: El Camino Real, El Camino Real Swiss Water Process Decaf, and Acevedo. You’ve hopefully had a chance to try all of these in some form already (for example, the Acevedo was recently part of Lumen, the 2022 Holiday Blend), but we want to encourage some more thoughtful sipping.
The hope is that you’ll be able to drink these and compare. All of these coffees are grown in the Huila Department in the southwest of Colombia, all are dropped from the roaster around 405 degrees, but all have different post-harvest processing methods."
Available for a short time only!

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