Brew It Up

Brew It Up

We love gathering people, and we love educating people about coffee whenever possible. Often we are asked for tips on how to get the best possible cup of coffee at home, be it storage, grinding, or brewing, and my (Sara’s) dad asked me to write the brew ratios on a sticky note to put inside his cabinet door, I decided to creat postcards with directions for brewing in a French press, Chemex, or cold brew.


Peep the printables! Post them inside the cabinet where your coffee is stored so everyone knows how to brew it. First are sets with our ratios, and second are sets with blanks for you to fill in your amounts after you’ve played with it and found your perfect recipe.

french press brewing directionschemex pour over brewing directionscold brew brewing directionsfrench press brewing directions with blankschemex brewing directions with blankscold brew brewing directions with blanks

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