We've got pretty cool humans around here,

and they're the kind of people you want to meet.

co-owner & COO

Josh Holmquist

Born and raised in Burwell, Short Josh loves his wife and kids, wandering in nature, and exploring with the family. He's passionate about his people and loves seeing them excel at what they do.

Favorite drink: Single origin espresso.

Always ready to talk at josh@normalroasting.company.

Co-owner & CEO

Sara Holmquist

Sara is the CEO and marketing director of Normal, leading the way on the creative voice and vision of everything we do. That's just in her spare time, though, while she follows Christ, homeschools her four kids, bakes sourdough, and keeps her coffee mug handy at all times.

Favorite drink: Americano.

Head roaster

Josh Uden

From Kearney, Nebraska, Josh Uden is our head roaster and lifelong learner of coffee math. In coffee sourcing, roasting, and the science of it all, Josh is the guy.

Favorite drink: Any weird, interesting, or obscure coffee you put in front of him.

Sharing coffee knowledge at roaster@normalroasting.company.

General Manager

Libby Kirschner

Originally from the river valley of the Platte (aka Kearney, Nebraska), Libby is the go-to gal for internal and external projects, wholesale infrastructure support, customer service, and marketing.

Favorite drink: A latte with vanilla bean-infused honey!

Receive excessively polite emails from libby@normalroasting.company.