Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to order coffee?

A) Are you a member of the general coffee-drinking public? Order right here on the website and it will go into our roast plan the following Tuesday. In most cases, you'll receive your coffee by the end of the week. We roast all coffee to order, so rest assured you'll get the freshest coffee possible. Another frequently asked question: can I just text or message you an order? No, it's really best to do it on the website, because our entire roasting and fulfillment process is based off the information gathered there. 

B) Are you a coffee shop owner, business owner, or someone interested in ordering coffee in bulk? At the current time, we are not adding new wholesale customers, but you can contact us using the contact form and we will get your information in our system to start up January 2020. 

When are your open hours? When can I stop by the roastery? 

The Coffee Lab is open Monday through Saturday 6am-2pm. There is always coffee on the shelf for purchase, and we can grind to order. The roastery is running Monday-Wednesday most weeks, and we can give tours if one of the roasting staff is on site. 

What's up with your schedule?

The lab is open Monday through Saturday 6am-2pm, and there's always coffee on the shelf. Roasting for retail (online) customers happens on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, so get orders in by Tuesday at midnight for same-week delivery. Thursdays are for delivering to local businesses and shipping coffee all over the country. We are happy to set up events and brewing demonstrations any day of the week, just let us know how we can best fit your needs.  

You deliver locally? Awesome! How do I make that happen?

We deliver to businesses only in Ord, Burwell, and Taylor. Burwell and Ord orders are delivered on Thursdays, and Taylor on as needed. Simply chose local delivery on the shipping confirmation page, then please write in the note box with the location you'd like it delivered to. Local pickup is always available!

How do I become a subscriber?

To subscribe to our monthly coffee subscriptions, just go to the product you love (a few specials are not currently offered for subscription) and place your order for Subscribe & Save. Your order will auto-renew every 30 days and we will send you coffee! If you'd like your order to arrive every 15 days or another length of time, just login and explore your portal, where you can adjust the length of time between deliveries and what coffee you'd like delivered.

We do have a special rotating subscription box with two 12oz medium roast coffees that change monthly. You'll never get decaf, light, or dark roasts, and this is a good way to get our holiday or summer blends as subscription. 

Where can I drink some Normal coffee?

Our delicious beans are currently being served at the following locations:
Dotted Daisy, Albion Nebraska
402 Coffee, David City Nebraska
Normal Coffee Lab, Burwell Nebraska
Sandhills Suits, Burwell Nebraska
Froth and Fizz, Gibbon Nebraska
Something's Brewing Cafe, Ord Nebraska
The Golden Husk, Ord Nebraska
Barista's Coffee House, Grand Island Nebraska
Douglas Street Coffee Company, O'neill Nebraska
Downtown Coffee and Cream, Onawa Iowa
Our coffee is currently in the following grocery stores:
Grocery Kart - Ord Nebraska
Speed's Apple Market - Ord Nebraska
Grocery Kart - Broken Bow Nebraska
Village Market - Chambers Nebraska