How To Get What You Want - At Home Grinding and Brewing

How To Get What You Want - At Home Grinding and Brewing

So last summer we started hosting this grinding and brewing class for locals in response to all of the questions we get about upping the coffee game at home. We thought we'd host a couple and maybe take it on the road to some coffee shops and it would be a fun little thing we do periodically. 

Well, that class turned into a sell-out must-hit Saturday activity for people all over the state. 

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We get questions weekly about our recommendations for grinding and brewing at home because we're finding that people are trying our coffee and seeing that specialty coffee really is approachable. It's not something only hipsters with great beards can enjoy, but brewing amazing coffee at home with these weird gadgets looks daunting.

So we're bringing it all in here, our master list of coffee equipment recommendations, complete with Amazon Affiliate links, which we do make a small profit from but do not increase your purchase price. We won't go into the details of each product, so you'll have to come join us at a class for the ins and outs, but I've included a couple of options for each category, keeping budget and travel in mind, and as always, if you have any questions, shoot us an email!


We've tried many, many grinders in our time, and scoured the reviews and professional coffee forums, and our top recommendation for home coffee grinding will be the Baratza brand all day long. The Encore is extremely consistent, compact, and easy to use. We've also really enjoyed using our Hario hand grinder for travel and camping.

Pour Over

This is our favorite method for brewing coffee at home for many reasons, so I've included several options! This gives the cleanest cup of coffee you'll find and is actually extremely easy. Our favorite is the Chemex, but V60s are a very close second. For V60s, Josh prefers the plastic cone style because it allows the water to stay the hottest throughout the process, but Sara prefers the look and feel of glass.


French Press

We really enjoy our double-wall stainless steel french press after breaking two glass ones in a row while traveling. We take our stainless steel french press everywhere we go, including camping, and love it for its durability and ease of use. We can heat water over a fire and don't need a gooseneck kettle like we would for a pour-over.  


The Aeropress is our go-to for when we have to fly somewhere because it's so easy to pack! 


You'll decide on your kettle after deciding on your brewing method, because each has different requirements. For the Aeropress and French Press, any kettle will do but pour-overs need the precision of a gooseneck kettle. We love the ease of a programmable kettle because children. 


We realize not everyone wants to spend 5+ hands-on minutes brewing coffee every morning, so here are a couple of options for home coffee brewers that we have personally used and would recommend.


One of the factors for bringing a high end, consistent coffee to your morning routine is dosing the coffee by weighing your beans, then grinding. We personally love the Hario scale, but also have the Etekcity one and it does a good job. The Chemex caddy is also worth mentioning because it keeps our counter clear sine the Chemex, scale, and filters all fit in it.  

Gosh, guys!

Thanks so much for reaching out to us about upping your coffee game. We want to support you, so don't hesitate to reach out and drop us a line, or stop into the roastery. 

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