Normal Moves to Burwell

Normal Moves to Burwell

The coffee has definitely been flowing the last few months as we get ready to move to our new and permanent roastery in Burwell. I felt that since I've been updating a bit on social media that I would do a full-disclosure update so everyone has coffee when they need it. 

Coffee Cup in Construction

First and foremost, I'd like to thank our coffee shops, clients, and customers who faithfully drink our coffee and chose to support our small business. This move will benefit you all in many ways just by me being closer to my roastery. It will be much easier to fill last minute or emergency orders, we will be able to expand in the future to include office space and a tasting room, and we look forward to hosting clients in our renovated space. Shipping will be better managed because I will just be closer and can keep a closer eye on all outgoing and incoming packages. 

 Secondly, I wanted to inform everyone that we will not be roasting the week of July 10-15. If you are needing coffee, please order from me before the 6th. We agonized over the decision to close for the week, but we wanted to be completely sure everything was in order at our new location before we roasted again. We will return to our normal roasting schedule on July 18th. 

 Another factor in all of this is that I'm heading to Specialty Coffee Association's Roaster School the same week that we are moving! I am beyond excited to further my knowledge and be able to better serve our clients. 

 If you have any questions, please email me at

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