Summer = Popsicles

Summer = Popsicles

I (Sara) have been making popsicles for my kids all summer out of fruit, yogurt, homemade ice cream base, whatever I had on hand, and suddenly realized I could do this for myself too. In our family, we have Ice Cream Sundays where we make homemade ice cream every Sunday in the summer, and when I had a little ice cream base left over, I began experimenting with grown-up gourmet coffee popsicles. 

I wanted some more time to test out the recipe a bit more, so I couldn't give it away quite yet when I posted the photo last week. It turned out similar in texture to a fudgsicle, which took me back to my childhood and I was hooked. 

Using good old Dixie cups will work just fine for these popsicles, but if you'd like them to look like a legit popsicle, these molds are fantastic. The bags make it really simple to make ahead and serve at your gathering. We use this high-quality cocoa powder to further complement the specialty coffee. 


Mocha Popsicles

1c whole milk

1c heavy whipping cream

1c sugar

1T vanilla 

2T cocoa powder

1t ground cinnamon

12g finely ground coffee

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and pour into the popsicle molds, then place the sticks in the molds. The ground coffee will float, and you can strain this off after letting it brew in the other ingredients for a few minutes if you like, but I enjoyed the texture. Freeze for several hours, and place into small bags for storage. We used Colombian coffee for these, but any of our bolder medium roasts would work. 

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