The New Normal

The New Normal

We were asked to participate in an event last week, and after weeks of preparing and taste testing, we are finally able to share with you our signature cocktail. On January 30th, we were the featured vendor at a wine dinner at the Plattsmouth HyVee Market Grill, and it was such a fantastic experience and a ton of fun.

 Chefs Corey and Chris blew us away with their winter themed sweet potato and squash soup (topped with candied pecans and toasted marshmallows!) and winter citrus salad, paired with delicious wines. During the intermezzo, we sampled two of our specialty coffee options available at the HyVee, Swiss Water Process Decaf Brazil, and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Abiyot Ageze and I had the opportunity to share about the mission of our business. The New York Strip with red wine demi-glaze was the perfect main event, and then our signature cocktail, The New Normal, came out alongside a trio of amazing mousse bites. Tray of Coffee Cups

The New Normal

1/2oz Kaluah

1/2oz Bailey's Irish Cream

1/2oz Frangelico's hazelnut liquer

1 cup hot Normal Roasting Company coffee

Top with homemade lightly sweetened whipped cream and chocolate shavings

 We used 4oz cold brew concentrate of our ever popular Simplify blend, diluted with 4oz very hot water for this drink to create a velvety smooth, low acidity cocktail. In the test phase, we also sampled it with our decaf Brazil, and loved the slightly more nutty flavors. 

Coffee Shot on Hearth in front of logs

We used stemless tumblers to serve, and while I love seeing the layers through the glass, I'm looking forward to drinking this around a campfire when it warms up a bit more. I love all of our Simple Modern tumblers, but these stemless thermal tumblers take the cake! 

We hope you'll enjoy our drink with friends both now and around a campfire when it warms up a bit. As always, tag us on social media with #normalroastingcompany and #roastbrewgather.
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