What's Normal Brewing?

What's Normal Brewing?

Arcadia, Nebraska has been a welcoming, friendly home for Normal Roasting Company for the last two years, but it's time for a more efficient location.

 I've felt very welcome in Arcadia and enjoy the quiet community, but the 40 mile drive from home became inconvenient quickly. We began the hunt for a building in our hometown and were blessed to be able to purchase the old plumbing shop on the square in Burwell. Ron and Judy Simpson actually employed Josh when he was in high school, so it felt like we were coming full circle with the move to Burwell. We are so excited to join the community on the square and only drive a few minutes to work! 

 We will be updating and modernizing the building by replacing the floor, moving interior and exterior doors, refinishing walls, and updating the plumbing and electrical...basically changing everything but the beautiful tin ceiling! The heritage of the building intrigues us and we hope to do it justice as we make it into the new home of Normal Roasting Company. 

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