About Us

Hospitality is our passion and flows through every other choice we make or service we offer. We envision the coffee that we so carefully roasted being brewed with love and served at gatherings of friends and family, with a significant other every morning, and being shared as gifts. Take our coffee and share it.

Like anyone who has ever roasted coffee, we are passionate about the craft. We choose to roast without automation to put our human mark on every batch. We take great joy in knowing where each batch of coffee is going and knowing the faces of who will be serving it. To us, that is the source of our passion and what drives us to produce great coffee. 

Hospitality is a value we cherish and always aspire to put into practice, so please don't hesitate to contact us to get together for a chat over coffee.

Humans of Normal Roasting Company

Coffee has always been about being together for us. From the beginning of our relationship, we have made it a priority to set time aside to connect over a cup of joe every morning, and it has grown into an obsession with coffee culture. When the opportunity arose to begin roasting with founder Kelly Kreger, it was a dream come true. After an extensive training period, we have immersed ourselves in the industry and enjoyed every second of it.

We have four blue-eyed monsters (aka children), Lily, Adair, Oakley, and Coy, and enjoy spending time with family, staying involved in our small community, and camping. We have a Golden Retriever named Cricket, a Corgi named Dash, a bunch of pet chickens, and a fixer-upper home that we're in love with. Josh is active in the EMS world and loves his Harley almost as much as he loves the rest of us. Sara is a crafter extraordinaire, has a deep love for MOPS, and Rodeo Theater popcorn. So basically, we're as un-hipster as you can get, but we've educated ourselves extensively and absolutely love the coffee industry, so I guess we're just normal people who love coffee.

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